Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday was a perfect day by New England standards. The temperature was spring like and since there was a half day of school, the girls spent many hours outside. They played, they fought, they had snacks outside and they drew with sidewalk chalk. Side walk chalk has to be the best invention ever. It's the tool I use when I need to clean the van. Seriously, after a winter with bitter cold weather, who wants to spend time outside cleaning a van? Not I. And so, my van looked like this:

After about an hour and a vacuum, it now looks like this:

I must like bags, as I had a few in the van. I had to toss an old sports bag, so I put the emergency kit in an unused diaper bag under the seat. I refolded the spare blanket and towels and fixed the bag they were in. I need to add snacks to the empty snack box and put fresh clothes in the spare clothes box. But overall, I'm happy with how clean it it. I do need to go over it with the vacuum one more time, getting in the little cracks. I'm tempted to pull the Dyson out, but don't want to ruin it (your not supposed to use it outdoors). I also need to have it shampooed I think. All the toys found their way inside and the trash got tossed. Most disgusting discovery? The half eaten, so rotten it was liquifying and growing red mold in one of the rear cup holders. Why didn't I smell it decaying because fruit smells when it decays? There was a towel wadded up over over it, so no smell leached out. It. was. nasty. I gagged and then lysoled it after I cleaned it out. Grossest thing evah! I need to make sure I leave enough time for breakfast in the morning s so we are not grabbing fruit on the way out the door. See the air pump in the bottom left hand corner? That's so I can constantly put air in my tire that keeps going flat.

I didn't get to clean the trunk area as it currently contains the jungle gym. The girls cannot wait until it gets set up. I'm excited as well. It has to be the coolest backyard play thing ever (and no, that's not the price we paid for it). Unfortunately, at over 100 pounds, I cannot move it by myself and was not about to drop in on my feet opening the back of the van.

Saturday, we saw the Easter Bunny and leprechauns at the town's Easter Egg / Pot of Gold Hunt. Moe was of course scared. And then went to have cake and ice cream with my sister and my mom. They called that morning to say they were having cake for my mom. Happy Birthday mom! Oh and we found the ladybug.

And Sunday. I spent it cleaning and hope to work on some summer clothes for the girls. I have a few dresses cut, I just need to sit down and start sewing!


Did you know babies actually DO come with manuals? I found two while cleaning. While you check out the baby manuals, take a look at the FREE stuff I have to give away and leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Your before picture looks better than our van Cleaning it is on my list to do!

Mac and Cheese said...

Is this why they call you, "Whrilwind"? You're in crazy busy mode.

Stimey said...

You should see my van. Two days ago my oldest threw a handful of mulch on the floor and started laughing. Apparently he thinks elves clean up after him.