Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Living, Loving, Laughing

Whew, it's August already. One month and the girls go back to school. One year and Husband is finished with school (hopefully)!

We've been enjoying the overly hot summer so far. Hiking. Loving. Laughing. Except when we're busy getting stung by bees. On different occasions. Last week, husband and I BOTH stepped on the same underground nest, three hours apart. He suffered 15 stings. I took between 12-14. Only 10-12 of them were to the same spot on my bottom. Oh the joys! But where was I? Oh, the laughing.

If you follow me on facebook, you know my kids have been keeping me (and everyone else) in stitches. Without further adieu, here is the best of their world:

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Moe to a friend: Can we borrow your baby?
Friend: Yes, I thought you'd never ask.
Me: Um, no.

(Moe is a tad baby obsessed)


Moe to Meenie: You just farted.
Meenie: No, it was Roxie.
Moe: No, it was you.
Meenie: I only fart in my sleep.
Moe: That's impossible.

Moe at 9:30 am handing me a beer - "here mom, want a beer?" Um thanks but not yet...


Meenie: "Daddy, are you going to take a picture of my butt?"
Me: Um, why would Daddy take a picture of your butt?
Meenie: I don;t know, but he's always taking a picture of yours.



Moe: Mom, I just saw a little snake. It was this big (indicating it was over 2 feet long)...


Me: Get a spoon please, your eating Jello.
Moe: But mom, I'm practicing for Oliver.
Me: Because eating applesauce with your hands requires practice ????

Oh the joys of theater....

Those are some of the best lately. Tomorrow we'll talk coffee and how I've been fired......


I was informed that yesterday was Ask a Nosy Question Day.

Is there anything you've ever wanted to ask but haven't? Anything you want to know? Anything you just feel like asking? Unless your Meenie, then please stop whining and asking the same thing over and over.

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