Friday, September 29, 2006

Autumn Nights

I love Autumn and everything about it. The chill in the area. The leaves awash in colors. Apple picking (and then baking). Pumpkins.

Last night, husband was home for the last night until Thanksgiving. We put the girls to bed a little earlier and went outside to what may very well be the last enjoyable night of the year. We made a fire in the firepit and grabbed a bag of marshmallows, some chocolate and Octoberfest (his was Otter Creek and Mine was Sam Adams). And there we sat for what seemed like hours (it was only 1) in peaceful tranquility. It was just us and the crickets and peep toads. We were so relaxed that you couldn't hear the cars passing by the house.

It was just so great to spend time with just the husband, alone!

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