Friday, September 01, 2006

Time Outs...

Einey has had a great first week of school. She has miraculously started napping again (a feat she gave up at 14 months, no matter what we tried) at school. She is making new friends (the girl in the pink shirt now has a name). And painting all over her brand new Chinos. Somehow, they just don't look the same with yellow and brown paint all over them.

Everyday when we pick her up, we have to slowly elicit information from her. The first day, she didn't want to talk about much. By today she was freely sharing information without much fishing on our behalf.

Einey: And I didn't have time-out today.

Me: Um, wait what? This is as opposed to the other two days?

Einey: Yes. I had one yesterday and two the yesterday before that.

Me: Why did you need a time-out?

Einey: I didn't sit in my seat when the teacher told me too. And I tried to take some paper when the teacher told me to wait. I didn't wait. So I had to put my head down on my table.

So I guess now I need to request an end-of-the-week note home from her teacher on how well Einey listens.

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