Saturday, September 09, 2006

Week in Review...

This week was a pretty hectic week.

I started my job this week, and was more than a little nervous. I haven't worked since Einey was 6 months old, so I was more than a little rusty. But I got a great job working as a substitute instructional assistant for the public school system in town. Which means virtually no commute and I only have to spend about 45 minutes less with Einey a day. The downside, I am away from Meenie and Moe for 7 hours! The good side. I am only doing it 2 maybe 3 times a week. And mostly when dad is home to watch them (or grandma). Occasionally, they will be spending time at a good friends house, playing with their friends. The day I worked this week went by fast, I barely had time to miss them. When I rushed over there, I asked Moe is she missed me, with her clinging to my lap and a huge smile on her face, she turns to me and says "no, while shaking her head". Then giggled! The babysitter survived my two tornados and said they were great. She also survived bringing Einey to school and picking her up without much difficultly (although I am still a little miffed they didn't ask for any I.D . when she picked her up).

We went to the park that night to catch some frog's and then I realized it was soccer night. Oops, so we had to hurry home and eat to make it to soccer on time (we were late)!

Friday was a hectic day! Einey found out that "Curious George" is on PBS at 8:00 am. By 8:15 she still wasn't dressed for school (we have to be there by 8:25). I grabbed the closest clothes I could out of the laundry basket - a wrinkled skirt and equally wrinkled polo shirt - and literally dressed her and combed her hair. We made it to school before the "late" warning - just as the last bus was arriving. As I dropped her off at the door, the secretary asked me what pre-school class she belonged in. After telling her she was in the kindergarten class, I was on my way. I had to hurry home to clean the warzone before a meeting an hour later. After the end of the meeting, I dropped Meenie off at a playdate and came home to enjoy the next 2 hours in solitude. Minus the phone calls I had to make, of course. Then it was off to school to pick up Einey and then to pick up Meenie. Whew!

And today is our first soccer game. Ten 3-5 year olds chasing one ball around a field for an hour!

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