Thursday, September 14, 2006

He did what?

The other day, I went to feed the dog and noticed there were mealworms in her food. So I put the container outside to be emptied and clean. I came home from work on Tuesday and husband had cleaned out the food container. I was pretty happy that he took care of this.

I assumed that he had tossed the food in the garbage and didn't think twice about it.

However, when I came home last night, I saw a cat about ten feet down the driveway eating something. Thinking that it caught a mouse and was playing with it, I left it as that. I came home today and decided just to walk down the driveway. There I found this big pile of dogfood and milkbones. Just laying there. As if we didn't have enough problems with animals in and around the house. Arggh! So now I have to get out a shovel to properly dispose of it before any other creatures decide to make themselves home inside and on top of my home.

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