Sunday, December 24, 2006

Letters to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I figure that I am probably on your naughty list (at least that’s what Mommy and Daddy tell me anyway) but I want you to know, I am only naughty 50% of the time. So it’s only fair that I get 50% of my max present allowance. I really can be quite nice.

I try to share my half chewed food, but usually there are no takers. And juice cups? No one wants those either after I’ve drank from them. I even shared my cold with my sister this week!

The whole pushing my friends thing? Well, I’ve gotten better. I don’t push ALL my friends now, just some of them. And really, I only push the ones who don’t push me back or who cry. I don’t know why, but it gets more of a reaction from Mommy and who doesn’t like a little more attention?

The getting into stuff constantly is a little overrated. Mommy and Daddy tend to over exaggerate! I mean, isn’t that what 2 year olds are supposed to do? I think it’s in the manual. Right there after feed the dog my vegetables. So I’m only doing what I am supposed to be doing. It shouldn’t count against me. In fact, I should get a bonus!

Now down to business.

For Christmas I would like:

Some more of those Frisbee's’s. You know, the small round ones with the hole in the middle. The one’s Mommy and Daddy hide behind the TV. They come in those rectangular boxes. I really like to play with those. And Mommy and Daddy said they aren’t going to buy anymore if I keep breaking them. So its up to you big guy, to bring them to me!

I would also like some more dolly’s. I mean, who can have enough dolly’s, right? SO what if I have more doll’s than I know what to do with. Or if I don’t play with most of them. I still like them. And who doesn’t want a baby to love.

Lastly, I’d like some more of those little glass balls my sisters play with. The one’s Mommy calls a “choking hazard”. They are so, so pretty. And I like the way they feel in my mouth, so cool on my tongue. Mommy doesn’t let me play with them because they are not mine, but if I had some of my own, she’d have to let me play with them, right?

I will leave you some milk and cookies right next to the fireplace. Don’t forget to look at my list before you leave, to make sure you don’t forget anything!


Dear Santa,

I have been pretty good lately. Mommy and Daddy said I’ve calmed down as I’ve gotten older. Besides being a bit loud, I share my toys and always try to think of others. I wait my turn (sometimes) and am getting much better at following directions.

I have a few questions for you though.

1). How can you fly? I mean, I know it’s magic but still?
2) How can you be so quiet? Really, I’d like to know because you see, I am really loud most of the time and need to learn how to be quiet.
3) How are you going to come in? I mean, I know you are supposed to come down the chimney, but Mommy and Daddy have it stuffed. Are you SURE you’ll be able to get in?4). Why can’t I stay up and see you? I’d really like to meet you!

Okay, now here is what I would like for Christmas.

I would like some Barbie dolls. And not those Bratz imposter's, I want real Barbie’s!. If you can’t bring me a Barbie, I really like Polly Pockets. In fact, skip the Barbie’s and bring me some Polly’s! Please.

I really like Strawberry Shortcake, but if you’ve been watching me, you should know that.

Hey wait a minute, if you ARE watching me all the time like Mommy and Daddy says, why am I telling you what I want? You should know what I like by now and what I want, I mean you do see me tell Mommy what I want at the store, right?

Forget the letter, this is all in your hands now.


Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good this year. My teacher says I am doing very good at school too.

Since it’s my birthday, I guess I get something extra right?

I would like some Littlest Pet Shop stuff, Hide and Seek Hailey, Moon Sand, My Little Ponies (I really want the castle), a Doll house and some Barbies. I also like the 12 Dancing Princess stuff, Fairies and DVD’s. Mommy and Daddy gave me a Game Boy Advance, so I would really like some games to go with it.

As I already told Doolie the Elf, I would like a kitchen set (even though Mommy said I already have one in my bedroom). I just want a new one. Mine is really ancient. I mean, after all, it was Mommy’s when she was my age and she is so old. So, please bring me a new one. I know mommy won’t mind.

We are going to sprinkle some Reindeer Food outside so that your reindeer won’t get hungry waiting for you. We will leave you some milk and cookies too. Mommy did a lot of baking this week. And boy are those cookies good. I hope you like them.


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Jenifer said...

Those are really great! I especially like Moe's :)

I hope all 3 get everything they are hoping for ;)