Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

Lately I wonder why I am stressed out all the time. I feel like I have no time for anything and too much to do. I am, unfortunately, a perfectionist at heart. I have little patience and tend to do things myself if I think it will take to long for other to do. These are habits I have been forcing myself to surpress (and think I am doing okay at it).

I know I tend to over schedule things (hence my blog title, because that’s what things tend to be, a whirlwind of activity) and have also been trying not to. Last January, I really reevaluated my schedule when I realized I was going to play dates for 20 minutes before jetting to ballet class. It’s just not worth the hassle. And up until now, I feel like I was keeping a close reign on my schedule. The girls can play soccer but not take dance until the season is done (that sort of thing). Then this week happened!

Monday – I went to work. Came home, made supper, did the dishes and started some laundry.

Tuesday – Nothing exciting except cleaning the house in anticipation for a home inspection for the insurance company in the early afternoon. Then 20 minutes before the inspection, Husband cuts his finger open warranting an unexpected trip to the ER to get 5 stitches. Home only to split up and go Xmas shopping. I got Moe. He got Einey, Meenie and his Mom. Note to self: Call and reschedule inspection.

Wednesday – Drop Einey off at school (was almost late as I couldn’t find the keys to the Van- Husband had it last- and needed to put the carseat back in the van. Hurried up and brought Meenie to Ballet/Tap class. While she’s at class, ran to the Dollar Store. Ran back to pick up Meenie (was 5 minutes late, the class runs 45 minutes). Go home and sat for about ½ hour. Then it was off to the Post Office where Husband mailed some items he painted back to their owners and I mailed out the Xmas Cards (finished with Holiday Letter, no pictures) and Birthday Party Invitations. Then off to drop Husband’s car off for an oil change. Went to BJ’s and did a big stock up shopping. Dropped Husband off to pick up car and headed home. Unloaded van and headed straight over to pick up Einey. The over to Big Y to pick up a few extra things. Home to put the food away, do dishes and make pizza for supper. After dinner, we will be heading to my hometown 15 minutes away to make Gingerbread houses at the Library (sorry Jen, it was last minute or I would have let you know we would be in town). The kids napped in the car and had fruity Cheerio’s, Polly-O string cheese, pretzels and Peach Nectar for lunch (Mom didn’t eat). Note to self: Make appointment in January to have pictures done.

Thursday- No school for Einey as it’s Parent Teacher Conference Day (ours is at 2:30). I was supposed to go to breakfast with friends in the morning, but I am going to bail (sorry Binky, but I need a breather!). Drop kids off at grandma’s so we can go to the conference. Then head over to a friend’s house for a craft. And husband starts his week of nights.

Friday - Drop Einey off at school and then I have about an hour before I have a meeting and Holiday Party. Then my van has an appointment for an oil change. Which is at lunch/nap time and then hope I get back to pick up Einey from school on time. Then it’s off to an hour and forty-five minute ballet/tap/jazz class. I think i am going to reschedule the oil change for a later date!

Saturday – Nothing

SundayBreakfest with Santa and then a Birthday Party (to which I may skip, haven’t decided yet).

Uggh and I wonder why I am always stressed out.

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Jenifer said...

Oh girl, I hear ya on the schedule! You know I almost went to the Library with Paige, but I wasn't sure, I thought she might still be too little for it. I wish I had known I would have loved to meet ya!