Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the First Day of Christmas Break....

" classmates gave to me, a rotovirus in my tummy" as sung by Einey (well if she was feeling well enough to sing).

Her first school vacation ever and she starts it with the dreaded stomach bug. But it was bound to happen. All of the rest of us have had it at some point over the last week. And she came home from school saying "Mom, guess what happened in school today! C. puked near the cubbies this morning". Of course that was followed by her telling us how she and the other kids were commenting on this incident. I am amazed that she made it this far without getting sick. I expected her to catch every bug as it goes around. After all, I have been led to believe that my choice to not send my kids to preschool would prove to inflict a weak immune system on them for all eternity.

On the downside, she missed spending Christmas at Grandma's with her cousins. I brought her sisters there to drop off gifts and bring our gifts back. So she was happy t oat least get to open some gifts today.

On the plus side, she received a BIG balloon bouquet from her best friend for her birthday (Thanks MMR&H!) while we were gone.

And since this virus seems to be one of the fast moving 24 hour bugs, she should be feeling much better by the time Santa comes!

Now to see if Moe catches it (we are unsure whether or not she has had it with the rest of us).

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Jenifer said...

Ahhhh, holiday sickness. Ain't it great. I find myself as we speak wishing the knives in my throat would go away and praying to God that my kiddos don't get it. I'm pretty sure I picked up the ick from work, in a dispatch center where we all share keyboards, microphones, console buttons, and phones, it's pretty hard not to share your germs too.

Oh well, at least now i have an excuse to politely decline attending the dreaded "family dinner" tomorrow....