Tuesday, December 26, 2006

364 More Days

Christmas 2006 is over.

Five straight days of Christmas Parties.

The first two were pretty tame. One being the annual Christmas party of the playgroup I've been bringing my kids to since they were born. The second being Einey's class Christmas show and party. The kids dressed up as Christmas trees and added ornaments as they sang songs relating to the item (a star was added as they sang "Oh Little Star of Bethlehem", a baby Jesus was added as the sang "Away in a manger", ect). They had stockings hung by the stage, filled with goodies. And except for Moe opening the doors of the gym and running down the hallway about 20 times, it was a very relaxing event! Unfortunately, Husband had to work, so he couldn't come to her holiday show.

On Saturday, the day we were supposed to go to the zoo, I mean, my parent's house, Einey got sick and had to stay home with the Husband. So I got to drag the younger two to Grandma's where they were going to take their presents home to open with their sister. Instead, they got corralled into the room, already filled to the max and were handed present after present. Many presents and snacks later, we were on our way back home.

Sunday we got up early to start cooking our Christmas dinner. His parents came over and we open presents with them., Only they didn't bring all the gifts, which meant we still had to go over their on Christmas day and completely negated the Christmas Eve idea we had planned. Off the church (early to get a seat) and then it was home, where we sprinkled reindeer food in the yard. The kids went to bed and then Santa came.

Monday morning was utter chaos. Einey was under the tree passing out the gifts to everyone. Now that she can read, she elected herself the present passer-outer (the most converted job in our house growing up). But we got gifts opened and then had a late breakfest. I wanted to spend the day in my pajamas, but I had to get dressed to take the kids over to grandma's house (again). So when Husband left for work, we headed across town to Grandma's house. Where we had dinner and the kids opened more presents.

It was nice, but next year, I think I am staying home for Christmas! Holidays just are not the same with out your significant other to spend it with!

The kids woke up this morning and dashed to the tree. They were wondering where the rest of the presents were! Before bed tonight, they reminded me to put out some more milk and cookie. Thankfully, the big guy comes only once a year!


Linda said...

Hi there, I came over here via Jen's blog (dispatchmom) and I now have a burning question because I'm obviously an idiot ... what's an SAHM!?!? I think it's pretty funny that your kids thought that if they left out cookies and milk again that Santa would bring more toys - that's terrific - I'm surprised my kids never thought of it!

Whirlwind said...

SAHM - is Stay at Home Mom.

Although technically I do have a job now (as a substitute teacher's aide), I am just not ready to give up my status as an at home mom!

Linda said...

Okay, that makes sense now - duh! And "Stay At Home Mom" is definitely a job no matter how you look at it!

Hubby said...

Stay at home! Never! Well maybe next year I'll spend the holiday at home.