Friday, October 20, 2006

Moe's New Trick

Moe learned a new trick tonight.

She has always been somewhat connected to Houdini in that she could get out of any space. And I swear she is part monkey. She can get her upper body out of a carseat, even when the straps are so tight you can't get any fingers between them and her body. Shopping carts? She mastered getting out of those straps months ago. Her highchair? That was her newest conquest. Last month I was in the other room grabbing a drink when she came walking behind me. I knew minutes before, she had been safely strapped into her highchair with the tray pressed so close to her body, it left a red mark. Her stroller? She likes to stand and force me to stop walking so I can struggle to get her back in the buckle.

The newest conquest? Tonight I put her in her crib for bed and came down stairs. A few minutes later she walks into the living room and says "Good Morning". Now, I didn't here a thud so she didn't fall. My only guess is she finally managed to climb out.

Now you are probably saying "So, she's two, that's nothing. She should be in a toddler bed now anyway". But for me it's everything. The crib was the last safe place I had for her. It was the sanctuary. A place I could keep her so I could take a shower. Or fold/put laundry away. A place where she could go when I needed a few minutes to myself. Now I am doomed!


ECR said...

Uh-oh. That is not good news. Maybe you can install a barbed wire coil around it? ;)

Kristen said...

Oh yeah, you're doomed. We left our kids in cribs for as long as humanly possible. Luckily for us, they didn't ever really climb out - they were in cribs until they were 3! Now that Quinn is 3 1/2 and can get in and out of his bed at will, he's driving me nuts with the constant coming out of his room at bed/naptimes. Ugh.