Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England is a magical time. The nights turn cold, the mornings are crisp and the days are getting shorter. Outside, there is change all around. The leaves burst with color - reds, oranges, yellows and even a hint of purple. Then they slowly fall, carpeting the ground with color. The air is usually aflight with Monarchs, before they make their migration to Mexico. Canadian Geese honk noisily overhead while flying in V-formation to whatever available waterway they can find. The nights carry a scent of woodsmoke to try and ward of the chill. The mornings are spent watching the kids play soccer in the grass wet with dew. And little wolly bear caterpillars curl up in balls in the hands of the children.

And then there are seasonal things. Going apple picking and then coming home to make apples pie, baked apples, candy apples, apple bread and apple crisp. Wandering through a corn maze trying to find your way out. Hayrides! Trips to the pumpkin patch. We love making pumpkin pancakes in the fall. Yum!

Matt, these are for you! One of these days you'll have to leave Texas and come up North to experience the real changing of seasons.

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Matthew said...

Horray fall!