Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer...

Every day, I sit down and try to think of something to write, but come up blank. It's been a blah week - cool and rainy so we've kind of just hung out.

Last week, we spent a majority of the end of the week and weekend over at the girl's school cooking clamcakes and chowder for their annual bazaar fundraiser. It was fun, but nothing to write home about.

Monday I picked out my soccer team (Moe has a ton of our friends on our team!). And found out when my other girls would be playing. So with three girls playing, we have practice three nights a week (thats one night less and one girl more than the spring season). Monday we also tried to go to the EcoTarium. Only to get to Worcester and find out they are not open on Mondays. * Neither is Higgins Armory. Shit, shit and more shit. By this time, it's 12:30 and we didn't want to drive to Providence (Roger Williams) or Mystic (Aquarium). Husbands allergies were acting up so he didn't want to go to Davis Farm. Some quick thinking and I knew we could get to Southwick's if we hopped on 140 S to Milford and picked up 16 there. On the downside, it's pretty dang expensive to get into. And Einey complained the whole way there that it was stupid. On the flip side, we all (including Einey) had a blast. The highlight of the trip was (of course) the Discovery Center. The girls got to pet snakes, skinks, tortoises, a hedgehog, geckos and a baby kangaroo. One good thing that I noticed was that even though our plans changed and we weren't familiar with the roads, I was very relaxed. That's something that hasn't happened since before the panic attacks started.

Tuesday is a blank. I have no clue what we did. Tuesday I worked at switching my veggie garden weed field to a flower bed. I give up on veggies in the ground - out potted one's did much, much better, so that area will be all flowers now. Well flowers and strawberries. So I'm digging weeds, planting plants and spreading mulch. We'll see what it looks like next year.

Wednesday swim lessons were canceled, but I dropped Einey off at a friend's house. I took the other girls shopping for school supplies (we are almost done!). In the afternoon, we went to a playdate at another friend's house. It was nice to be able to sit and talk to friends and have the kids behave.

And that brings us to today. Today we had some friends over for lunch and to make tie-dyed shirts. It was nice enough while everyone was here to have it outside. They did the shirts and then played for awhile. The girls liked seeing some of their school friends. I intended to take pictures, but with all the kids and the dye, I was trying to make sure everyone stayed relatively clean!

So, nothing too exciting going on. Just enjoying the last few weeks of summer!

* And seriously, what is it with things being closed on Mondays? Is this just a New England thing?

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