Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life's lesson on being a hostess #1

Today we celebrated the end of summer with our second annual back to school bash. We invited some great families - kids who go to school with the girls - over for a afternoon picnic. We provided drinks, cake, and the basics, and asked each family to bring an appetizer or dessert. We picked up books for each child and had them do a picture scavenger hunt. They were given a picture of various objects in the yard (and at each object were some gems) and they had to bring back a gem from each item. At the end they got a book.

At the end of the day, after everyone had left, we sent the girls into clean the playroom (which, may I add, was much cleaner than when it's just the three girls!). Of course, the complaining started - "why do we have to clean it", "we didn't play in here" and my favorite "We ALWAYS clean at our friends houses, why don't they clean up?". These came as Husband and I were putting away chairs, picking up dishes and putting away bottles. It was a great way for us to tell the girls that after parties, adults and children need to put stuff away. So in a way, we were picking up after our friends as well. Since they saw us cleaning, they quickly went in and had the playroom cleaned in less than five minutes (it really wasn't that bad). And we were finished not to long after that.

Oh, and I did have to remind them, that they don't always clean up after themselves at friends houses - and not just after parties.

It's part of being the host!

And as for the party - we had a blast. We have a GREAT group of friends - and some new friends as well. As Husband remarked (and like he always does) he loves spending time with our friends - it's always alot of fun. He loves that we have so many wonderful friends. And I do too. (And yes, by friends - I do mean people we met after sending our kids to school - so their friends parents). Definitely a great group of people! We couldn't ask for better friends.

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"Addy" said...

Sounds like a great time, and a great way to teach kids life lessons!