Saturday, August 30, 2008

First week recap...

The girls started school Wednesday. They also started soccer.

As far as school goes, they awoke that morning and were dressed and ready to leave well in advance of school time. Usually we're running out the door at the last minute. Einey really likes her teacher and her class. She doesn't have any new kids in her class this year and the number of kids dropped to just over a dozen kids - which is a nice little number. She misses some of the kids who were in her class last year though. Meenie really likes kindergarten. She got a little more kids in her class than Einey does. She has been busy learning the ropes at school - lunches, how to buy ice cream and of course, playing with her sister and her friends at recess. Hopefully as the year progresses and she makes her own friends, she'll become a little more independent. She's also been busy making new friends. Moe was sad the first day of school. She doesn't start until this week, so she was sad to be without her sisters. She enjoyed going out to lunch with just Mommy and Daddy the first day. She also enjoyed going into her classroom and meeting her teacher Friday. Her only comment when we left was "but I didn't make any friends".

I also had a friend from Texas comment about the girls first day of school outfits "Jackets and sweaters in August?!" Um yeah. It was cool in the mornings so they were needed. It's actually been cool for awhile now, but I here it's supposed to warm up by the end of the week. One can only hope.

I mentioned soccer started the same day as school. So of course, the girls were exhausted that night. Einey did good, but complained alot she was tired and gave me some lip. Her coach (new for her this year as they separate the girls and boys at her age) was really fantastic with her, even with her being a tad mouthy. Meenie did great. She loves soccer and has the same coach she's had for a few seasons. Moe started on Thursday, with coach mom, or soccer mom as her sisters called me. All I can say was when all the kids were following directions, anyone want to guess who was hanging from the goals or throwing a temper tantrum? Yup. The coaches kid. Moe. To bad I couldn't put her on a different team :P . Seriously though, once we got into it, she got better. She and the rest of her teammates did really well for their first time. I think it's going to be alot of fun this season.

Anyway, thats about it.


Speaking of it being cool. I had to run to Wal-Mart to get some last minute school supplies (I got one thing wrong and just got Moe's list yesterday) and you know what they had near the registers? Ice melt. In August. I do believe that beats FOM's find of Halloween Attire in August. Of course, come December, it will be sold out.


Backpacking Dad said...

I don't know what Ice Melt is, but I did see some Halloween stuff a couple of weeks ago. For Halloween 2009 I'm going to find the store that sells the decorations on November 1st 2008. Because that's the place that's thinking ahead.

Juicebox Mom said...

It's great you can get all 3 girls playing soccer, soccer is what my daughter lives for. Way up there, do you guys do indoor soccer when the really cold weather comes? Enjoy your fall!

"Addy" said...

Hey I'm from MA too, but I'm thinking we're at opposite ends of the pole here. We still have hot weather on the southcoast. I'm so not ready for sweaters yet, and God forbid, Ice melt!

Anonymous said...

Wow, ice melt. I'm stunned.
We have gymnastics and rock climbing for the kids this year. Jimmy is too young for rock climbing yet.