Friday, September 05, 2008

Whew, what a week

Moe started school this week. She was very excited to be off to school like her sisters and kept reminding me that I wasn't allowed to stay. We went in, I took some pictures of her hanging her coat up, near her desk and then she shoved us out the door sat down on the rug and told us to leave now. Husband and I then hit the track for some much needed walking (which I've started doing every morning) and then ran a few errands and enjoyed the time alone before we had to pick her up. She had a great first day. And then second day - which I went to work and Husband was on school drop-off/pick up duty.

Soccer has been going great. I love coaching - it's so much fun! Meenie is enjoying her team - no question about that. Einey is the one giving us a hard time. She has 1.5 hours of practice on gym days so she's exhausted. Her coach is great though. He saw her losing focus as goalie - so he moved her to defense. I'm glad he's willing to work with her quirks and attitude (although I'm sure she's not the only one). I don't know - she may want to take a season off - she's been playing 2 seasons a year for the last 3.5 years.

About the bet thing we've got going on at home right now (besides some room adjustments) are our caterpillars. It all started last Friday at soccer practice - we found about a dozen or so caterpillars. Not really paying attention - we left them there. Einey googled them and found out they were Monarch's. So we went back the next morning but only found one. It was a big rolly polly looking thing. The others - my guess already went to make their cocoon. By the next morning, we had a cocoon instead of caterpillar. He literally climbed to the top of the butterfly house when we put him in and molted the final time before starting his metamorphosis. Later that day we found another little bitty guy (who doubled his size overnight). Since then we found two more when we've been gathering milkweed. Husband squished one on accident - so we currently have one 5 day old cocoon and 2 caterpillars. I'm hoping to find more so the girls can bring them to school.

Last night I sent the girls out into the yard to pick up and put away any balls and other small toys floating away. Weather wise, it looks like we're in for a windy weekend as T.S. Hanna moves up the coast, so I figured I'd secure the toys. I don't want to have to hunt for them next week! I'm assuming their first games this weekend will be canceled.

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Alex Elliot said...

That was a good plan! I can't believe how hard it's raining here right now. I'm glad school got off to a good start.