Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where were you when?

I totally stole this Meme from Kikarose. She twittered that she wanted other to play along and since I don't have anything constructive to write about this week (I'm sure you don't want to hear about how Moe cried going to preschool again today or how I cleaned out my playroom and tossed 1 giant bag of garbage and three bags of toys or how I've been moving plants around in my yard - dividing them and moving them to better spots). Right? So where was I?

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster - January 28, 1986
I was in first grade. I remember sitting in the middle school band room watching it with the other first graders. We were sitting on the stair floors and watching it on an old TV. I remember we were all talking and then it got quite. One of the teachers shut the TV off and someone turned the lights back on. That's all I remember though.

The Oklahoma City Bombing - April 19, 1995
It was my freshman year of high school, so I must have been in class somewhere. I think maybe history? I don't know, but I remember there was an announcement made over the intercom.

Princess Diana's Death - 31 August 1997
I honestly don't remember.

Attack on the Twin Towers - 11 September 2001
I was still sleeping when the first plane hit. I remember waking up, and turning the computer on. I remember noticing headlines about a plane hitting the tower, but when I clicked it, the link was dead. I remember Husband calling and asking me if I heard what happened. When I said no, he told me what happened. I remember trying to get a hold of my in-laws - it was their anniversary and they had mentioned wanting to go into NYC to the Statue of Liberty and Twin Towers that day. I remember finally reaching them. They woke up late (8am ish) and decided they weren't going to go after all. I remember getting back in touch with Husband. I remember wondering when he'd be home - his site became locked down - no one in, no one out. Even though it was the start of his shift, they didn't know when they'd be relieved. I remember driving to find my niece - her husband was in the national guard. She couldn't get a hold of him either. I remember driving to my mom's house. I remember my sister arriving. I remember the three of us sitting on a bed just watching the news all day long. I remember hold my stomach - my Einey - and wondering just what type of world I was bringing my child into. I didn't want it to be like that, like it is now. I remember Husband calling as often as he could, asking for updates. I remember him finally calling and saying he was coming home - they got relief. I remember going home.

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster - February 1, 2003
I don't know where I was. If I had to guess - I would have to say I was at my best friends house with Einey and best friend R playing. I may even have been napping as I was in the middle of a very tough pregnancy.

7th Harry Potter Book is Released - 21 July 2007
This was easy - I was asleep.

Michael Phelps Wins His 8th Gold Medal - August 16, 2008
I was on the couch trying not to fall asleep. I feel asleep shortly after. IN fact, I nodded off during the race (well just prior) and woke up moments before he hit the finish line.

If you've reached this far, consider yourself tagged. Leave a comment and I'll stop by!


Rose said...

I love reading which events marked who and which passed unnoticed.
Thanks for jumping in and doing the meme!

creative-type dad said...

I remember most of those pretty well. Except the Phelps thing - I didn't watch the Olympics.