Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby-cakes

Moe, my little peanut, my baby cakes, today you are four. Four! I can hardly believe it. This year, you started school. You go three mornings a week, but are having so much fun. You come home and tell me stories about the kids in your class. I can only imagine the stories they are telling about you. You also started playing soccer. A sport you've wanted to play since you could walk. Only now that you can play, you don't want to. This past weekend, you went in on your turn, eager to play. You sped off down field with the ball, scored and ran off the field. Total playing time for that game was 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

I've watched you blossom from the active baby to the ever inquisitive, curious and always getting into trouble toddler to the big girl you are now. While you still cannot write your name, you are leaps and bounds ahead, trying to process things like your older sisters. You know the life cycles of bugs - in fact, we released your precious Gem Hunt, the last of our caterpillars turned Monarchs yesterday morning. You have the air of a big kid in a little body.
Happy Birthday Baby cakes! I love you.

The Best of Moe:
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Moe's coffee addiction


When picking Moe up from school the other day, I asked if she wanted to go get smoolies*

Only if I can get a coffee smoolie.

No, you cannot get a coffee smoolie.

Fine, then I'm not going to have any.

Fine be that way. I'm getting a coffee though.

Fine, I guess I'll have a coffee smoolie.


Then I'm not having anything.


*Smoolies = smoothies


We were working on her "homework", tracing the letter "A". As I started to erase a part to have her fix it, she looks up and asks "are you crazy momma?" Um, yes, yes I think I am.


*holding up four fingers - I wish we had this many kids in our family mommy.


Karen said...

oh, Moe - many happy returns of the day! What a sweetheart. Hope you get your coffee smoolie.

SciFi Dad said...

Happy Birthday Moe!

Lisa said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to "Moe" My Adorible little Niece That pic of her with the candles is so cute , and WOW the one in the soccer outfit ...(she looks so much older there ,!! ) Anyway can't believe she is four already , sorry I missed her birthday party ...

Love Auntie Vee !