Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stealing Silverware

We went out to dinner last night after meeting some out of state friends. When it was time to go, I noticed a fork on the floor and kindly asked Moe if she could pick it up (I hate leaving messes on the floor). I turned around to ask Husband something and we started to walk away. It was then that I noticed Moe now had a handful of utensils.

"Um Moe honey, you need to leave the silverware here"

This of course, elicited a round of laughter from the surrounding dinners. All of whom said the girls were very cute and well behaved (which is always good to hear even though we don't always think they are well behaved and Meenie wasn't always using her "indoor voice").

So we put the silverware back on the table and made our way our, chuckling at our little silverware thief*.

*When I asked her later why she was taking the silverware, she said she was bringing them to the lady. Which she either thought is what I meant when I told her to pick up the fork or she thought she needed to clear her own dishes? Which she does when she and I have out morning coffee dates.

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Anonymous said...

By the way has hubby found his fine red plastic silverware lol