Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just one of the boys

Apparently, Einey is "just one of the boys". She went to a birthday party (baseball game) this weekend where she was the only girl invited. When we first got the invitation, the mother or the child and I were talking and she told me "T-ball Kid* gave me his list for his party and Einey was the only girl on it. I hope you don't mind". I kind of thought it was funny. And I had no qualms with letting her go. After all, her friends would be there.

And Einey is the type of girl who has more male friends. I don't know if it's a comfort thing, after all, she does play rough and likes sports, or what. What I do know is, it's going to change soon. She's already noticing the difference on the soccer field where she's been kicked in the calves on to many times by boys her age, who are just bigger and stronger than she is.

But so far, she hasn't indicated any "specific likes accompanied by giggles". And that's just fine with us.

*Name changed.


SciFi Dad said...

Thank goodness you posted that footnote, because I was just about to post a comment asking you what kind of person names their child T-Ball Kid? I mean, really? ;)

Anonymous said...

I can remember not so many yrs ago another girl who was just another boy until high school lol

Tracee said...

Ains also gets invited to boy's parties. She's also the only girl who signed up to take a science class - 8 boys. It's good for them.