Friday, June 13, 2008


Friday Payday from Uncle: $1.00
Cleaning up huge mess after your sisters: $5.00
Birthday gift card from friend: $15.00
Price of a really good report card: $16.00
Price of a Nintendo DS Lite: $129.99 + tax

Finally saving enough money to buy your own Nintendo DS: Priceless

Einey's last report card came on Wednesday, the last day of school. After six months of hard work, she's finally saved enough money to buy her self a DS. She's saved birthday money, report card money, cleaning up money, Friday "payday" dollars from uncle, returned can change, and other money she's gotten here and there. It took her six months, but she never once wanted to get instant gratification by spending her money otherwise. She knew she wanted a DS and it would take awhile, but after six months, she's finally the owner of a metallic rose DS.

We hope, in having her save money, that she'll appreciate it more and take better care of it. We hope, that this lesson, will go along way. We could have just brought her one (something many people have asked: "well why don't you just give her one?") but felt that if she earned it, it would be better for her.

For now, she's happy with her new toy. Now to make sure she puts it down and goes outside!


toyfoto said...

Perfect that she earned it herself. Well done! I'd love to know how you came to decide how much she would get for what chores?

SciFi Dad said...

That is great work, Emily. Good for you.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I think what you did is just wonderful! Working for something is an experience that cannot be imitated. I was just talking about something like this yesterday with my daughter. A friend of ours has a son who received a great big scholarship to Brown University. He was even set up with a great on-campus job to make up for what the scholarship didn't cover. Well, he lasted one year and we just found out that he is not returning next year. I honestly think that he doesn't appreciate what he has been given because he doesn't have to, well... pay for it.

You are teaching very valuable lessons... !!!!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Good for her! That is awesome! Love that photo.

Lauren said...

Wow. Good for you kiddo! Earning it makes that DS all the more special.

Binky said...

She's so grown up and determined! You should definitely be proud of her--while taking a bit of the credit for yourself, of course ;)

creative-type dad said...

That's awesome -- Good for her!!!

(That smile just says it all!)