Monday, June 02, 2008

My kids are weird

Capital W. E. I. R. D.

It's no secret that my girls enjoy walking around in cemeteries. In fact, whenever we drive by one, they like to point out whether or not we've visited that particular cemetery. And if we haven't they ask when we are going. So yeah, if you can't find me this summer, I may just be hanging out with the dead.

Anyway, I came down the stairs today to find Meenie and Moe in an embrace. Both looked a bit sad. When I asked what they were doing (because yeah, if they're hugging, it's a strange day indeed). They informed me that their "babies" (stuffed jaguar, and elephants) had died. It was then that I noticed the "grave stones" (couch pillows on the floor with a stuffed animal under each one).

I'm not sure where this fascination with death has come from or even if it's healthy. All I know is that they have a firm grasp on life and death.

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