Sunday, April 22, 2007

Found a Peanut....

"Found a peanut
Found a peanut
Found a peanut just now
Just now I found a peanut
Found a peanut just now."

Yesterday, I packed some trail mix for Einey's soccer game. It was Honey Nut Cheerios, peanuts, sunflower seeds and smarties. On the way home, Einey and moe were eating it (Meenie was with Mema and Pepa at her soccer game) when I hear...

Moe: "It's stuck"
Me: "What's stuck?"
Moe: "My nose"
Me: "What is stuck in your nose?"
Moe: "My peanut. In my nose"
Me: "Tell me you didn't just put a peanut in your nose"
Moe: "yup. Is stuck".

Ah shit! Thankfully, I remembered a little trick that was told to me by the kind people in the ER when we brought Einey in for something lodged in her nose. If you gently cover the clear nostril, open their mouth and gently blow into it, chances are the item will come out. When I did this to Moe, she got all wide-eyed, but luckily the peanut flew out.

Einey's case wasn't so easy. She had a pice of a fake flower get stuck up there when she was about Moe's age. In the ER, she needed to be sedated to have it removed. It was very stuck. She still has that little piece of plastic in a jar and for weeks afterwards, she liked to show it to everyone!

I'm not sure what it is with my kids and shoving things up their noses, but I hope Moe learned her lesson. I know Einey did.


dee said...

Bryce once got a craisin stuck up his nose which we got out with tweezers, but last summer I had Mothra lodged inside my ear canal which ended in the ER. Thanks for the info on the "trick".

Whirlwind said...

I'm surprised you didn't know that trick already!

Smalltown RN said...

was it cheech and chong who did the skit...."and everything went up his nose" I hear you girls never did that but my eldest sister was notorious for putting things up her nose as a joke....have some great pictures of her doing some very strange things....

Happy Monday....and great first aid star for you!

ECR said...

That whole nose-closing, mouth-blowing thing is good advice. It reminds me of being a kid myself, when my friend was laughing and snorted a raisin up her nose. We were freaking out, until she got a strange look on her face and then stuck out her tongue. There was the raisin, sitting pretty. It blew my 9 year old mind.