Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend!

Friday was a half day of school, so after picking Einey up, we decided to visit the zoo. On the way there, I started to suffer from a panic attack (I've been getting them lately - not fun!). Luckily, we were under 10 minutes away from the zoo when it happened so I was able to make it there and once we walked around for a bit, I was able to relax. It could have been much, much worse! The girls had fun, despite the fact that the zoo is undergoing massive renovations and many animals were not out/around. They loved the flamingos, one of who was standing in the water dish and walking around in circles the whole time. They also love the tamarins, especially Moe who was visited by the baby!

Saturday, we went over to a friend from Einey's class for an Easter Egg Hunt. There were plenty of activities and food and eggs. Again, I was hit with a panic attack, but this time I had my medicine with me, so I was able to take that and relax. Meenie participated in the "bunny hop" with all the big kids and even managed to beat them across the finish line. When it was time to hunt for the eggs in the 7 acre field, Meenie took off with the big kids. They went straight up the center and back on the right side. Moe and another little guy (who was almost 2) went to the left and made a killing with eggs that the big kids by passed. One of the kindergartners wen with them, but she didn't take the eggs from them. Moe was funny to watch, she shook each egg when she picked them up. Meenie only got one egg, but on the way back to the house, one of the big kids shared her eggs so Meenie had almost as many as the other kids. Then the kids rode bikes in the yard while the parents got to interact. It was nice actually being able to talk to some of the other mothers (and fathers) besides the quick - "hi, how are you" at drop off - pick up time".

Saturday night Einey and Meenie had a sleep over at Mema and Pepa's so it was just me and Moe! We had fun, just the two of us. She actually was so tired, that she snuggled up to me and fell asleep in my arms. That is one thing I miss about the girls growing older. Unfortunately, Moe came down with the cold we've all had, so it was a restless night for us.

Sunday we went to church and then an Easter Egg Hunt at Pepa's work. His company sponsor's all sorts of holiday activities for employees and their family. The girls got to meet the Easter Bunny and participated in another Egg Hunt. Another panic attack - but the medicine does help! The girls ended up with alot of eggs, but had no problem sharing with the kids who didn't get any/ or only got a few. I am so proud of them!

Anyway, that was a recap of our very busy weekend.

Soccer is supposed to start tomorrow for Meenie. Einey still doesn't have a coach, so we are waiting to hear when she will start. Moe is, much to her dismay, still to young to play. She keeps repeating "grow up bigger soccer ball". If you remember, is a big fan of Mia Hamm. She definitely has the ability to dribble the ball!


Lauren said...

GREAT photos lady! Sounds like you all had quite the inspiring weekend.

Mrs. Chicky said...

That Easter egg hunt looks like it was a lot of fun!

Ryan Velting said...

Oh that looks like SUCH a great time!!

What I'd give to be young again...