Monday, April 09, 2007

The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy

We had a great Easter weekend. We braved the cold on Saturday to go to Grandma's for an Easter Egg Hunt with their two cousins. After indulging in too much candy, we headed to a friend's birthday party to see a magician. The girls (and all the kids there) were in awe of the magic tricks.

Easter morning, the girls woke up and I could hear the squeals of delight coming from downstairs as they saw the basket the Easter Bunny came and filled for them. "Mommy, the Easter Bunny brought me a new bathing suit". "Mommy, he brought the Barbie I wanted. The one from the store". "Mommy, look"! After having a box of jelly beans for breakfast, the girls immediately changed into their bathing suits, put on their sunglasses and grabbed their plush bunnies to play with.

Finally, they had enough and clamoured to get into their Easter dresses. We went to Mass, where Moe kept exclaiming every time the organist played "All Done". Overall, they were were very well behaved, which is why I don't mind bringing them to Mass every week. I know it's the one place they will sit relatively still and be mostly quiet for 45 minutes. Then it was home for lunch and naps.

Oh wait, what about the box from our dear friends in VA? Sure lets open that. As I am opening the box, I head Einey start crying hysterically. Apparently as I was opening the box, she was bouncing excitedly next to it and I knocked her tooth our. She was so upset, her tooth was out an we couldn't find it. I think it scared her more than anything, she had been very nervous about it coming out for the last few days. After about 15 minutes of her asking "is it bleeding still" and me reassuring her that it WAS ready to come out, if it wasn't the little bump wouldn't have knocked it out. She finally calmed down. We never did find the tooth, but she was reassured that the Tooth Fairy would know and still come.

So now lunch was way late, but they ate and slept a little. Then it was off to Mema and Pepa's for another Easter Egg Hunt and more Easter Baskets. And dinner of course! This is where they looked around and gave their "ewws and yucks". But in the end, they proved to be good little Polish kids and found out that they do in fact like Pierogi's, Sweet Bread and Easter Kielbasa from the semi-local Polish Deli. And not the frozen Pierogi's you can find in most grocery stores. Mema spends at least two days cooking them. Now to actually get Mema to pass down the secret family recipe and to teach someone how to cook them, we'd be all set. Unfortunately, they only get made for holidays.

Then it was home to wish Daddy a Happy Easter, show him the spoils and go to bed. But not before putting the tooth box under Einey's pillow with a paper tooth inside.

Them Mommy went through the Candy box, throwing away the left over Halloween and Christmas candy to make room for all of the Easter Candy.

The Tooth Fairy did come and she left Einey a gold dollar coin (very special), a paper dollar and a note all covered in fairy dust. I heard those squeals of delight at 6:30 this morning as she found the goodies nestled under her pillow.

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Ryan Velting said...

Such a great story. I love the part about the tooth!! :) Beautiful little girls you have there.

Now, where did I put MY easter candy..