Thursday, February 01, 2007

Books, Books and More Books........

Visit our house and one thing you will see tons of is books. We have books in every room of the house and van. Board books, kids books, chapter books, our books, cook books, how-to books, library books, classics, novels and bathroom books. Books full of history and pictures. We also have an array of magazine subscriptions, with each of the girls getting their own magazine each month.

Growing up, books were a huge part of my life. I could always be found with a book by my side. In school, I would hide them in my school books during lessons. Not only that, but I read fast. It takes me only one or two nights to finish a novel. This is both a blessing and a curse. Its great that I can read so fast, but it is also increasingly difficult to find enough books to sate my hunger. I never have enough time at the library to browse for myself, instead, heading right to the children's section for the girls. Their favorites right now are anything by David Shannon , "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by Mo Williams and "Winners Never Quit" by Mia Hamm. Moe drags this one around the house saying Me-amm, Me-ammm. Currently, my favorite books are "The Fat Cat" and "The Pirate Story" both written and illustrated by Einey.

A few weeks ago, I introduced Einey to a children's dictionary. Its one with the pictures to help her find a word. She was so excited to open it up and be able to spell words like "octopus" and "umbrella". I only hope that she remembers to use it as she grows and comes across something she may not know.

This morning, I found a stack of books sitting net to me that badly needed some bandages to make them whole again. I know the girls don't mean to be rough, but just love certain books more than others. SO i grabbed some tape and was taping the pages back together.

As I was doing this, I started thinking about how I really need to go through their bookshelves to see how many more books need repairs. Unfortunately, I know that I will come across some that, no matter how much love we give them, will never be whole again. These are the pop-ups that have lost their tabs. The board books that have had their pictures peeled from them, and even a few without covers. I don't look forward to that task. I don't want to throw out any books, no matter how unreadable they may be.

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