Friday, February 09, 2007

It would have been easier to milk a cow...

July 26 Little Cow (Fairview Farms)

We were out of milk tonight, so I tried to make a quick trip out to grab some. That normal 5 minute trip took over a half hour!

I started at the bank and was in and out. Figuring I would save some time (but knowing the milk cost twice as much), I stopped at the local grocery store which was between the bank and my house. Made it to the checkout line to find out as I was checking out, the lines went down and I couldn't pay with my debit card. I never carry cash and left my checkbook in the car as I only needed one thing. I was told I could use the ATM and come back to pay. Um thanks but no thanks! I was not about to pay the $2.. service fee on top of the outrageous price for milk.

So onto the little convenience store just past my house. In and get to the cash register. Um, sorry, you need to spend over $6 to use your card.

Next stop, the gas station further down the road. Milk at 1/2 the cost of the grocery store and I could use my debit card.

Total distance: 3 miles round trip.
Total cost: $2.39
Total time: Over 1/2 hour

Next time, I'll find a cow to milk, it may be quicker.

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