Friday, February 16, 2007

Feeling better

I am a perfectionist and hate when we have to miss anything. The bad mom in me said send her in. The good mom said let her stay home. She has until Tuesday to recover and it's only 2.5 hours!
Einey is feeling much better. I felt bad as she couldn't go to school on Thursday due to being sick all day Wednesday. I actually almost sent her in anyway as they only had a 2.5 hour school day. They had a 1/2 day scheduled and ended up with a 90 minute delay due to weather. They were going to have their Valentine's Day party and probably just free play the rest of the time. But when I went out to start the van, it was covered in a solid 1.5 inch thick layer of ice. I tried leaving it run for awhile but it wasn't helping much. I finally said screw it and went back inside. She shouldn't have gone in anyway. Plus, with her feeling sick, did I really want her eating party junk? I sent in her valentine's earlier in the week, so her friends got them Thursday. She'll get her bag when she goes back on Tuesday.

I moved the van into the sun to try and melt the ice. Today, I had to go out and chip away what was left. I don't think I have ever removed ice so thick from my vehicle before. My driveway is covered in ice. I had to throw dirt down on the steps to give us some traction. I hope when Husband comes back from his trip, he grabs some ice melt to do the stairs, even with the dirt, they are a slip and fall waiting to happen.

Anyway, we are surviving well without Husband home. He seems to be having fun and we can't wait to see him Sunday!

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