Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Good and the Bad...

I could have killed Husband this morning. And if he were home, I probably would have considered hurting him.

Husband's hobby is painting. He paints fantasy figures as a hobby (picture little statues smaller than the Little Pet Shop toys ~25mm for those of you who can picture it). Apparently he's pretty good, because people from all over the world hire him to paint for them. Actually, he is pretty good if you look at the amount of detail on them.

Anyway, he keeps his paint in a bucket and brings it downstairs at night so he can paint while watching TV. During the day, the paint is supposed to be upstairs, in the hobby room attached to our bedroom so it is out of the way. The last few nights, what does he do? He leaves it sitting downstairs in the living room. Yesterday, Moe took a bottle of green paint and dumped it into the palette that was sitting on his painting table. No harm done except to the green paint. This morning, apparently she was trying to dump the brown paint into the palette. Only she had the palette sitting on the couch. And it spilt. All over the couch. Did I mention the couch isn't very old? And was now covered in paint?

Somehow I managed to blot all of the paint off the couch. The cushion was much worse than the couch. But I put that in the sink and continuously ran water over it while blotting and squeezing. I'm not sure how I did it, but I believe I got it all out.

The couch is brown with red and green. The paint was also brown, but a very light/bright brown.

At least it came out.


Anonymous said...

I can tell how upset you were your sentences are jumbled

Whirlwind said...

Wierd, it wasn't supposed to be jumbled. I must have dragged and dropped right after I did my final read-through. I fixed it now.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Ahhhhh, lovely! What I curse is chocolate milk! It leaves stains everywhere in my house. I suppose your husband doesn't paint with Crayola Washable paints, huh? That's a shame!