Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day...

I hope yours is going better than mine.

I kissed hubby goodbye at 10:30 am and sent him on his merry way. He's heading to DC for the weekend to a gaming con with some friends. At precisely 10:45 am, Einey started to puke. And puke she has since then. I was slightly amused at first - it came up bright pink and seemed somewhat fitting for the day (powdered donuts and strawberry milk).

So here I am sitting in a virus infested house with the kids. We are getting low on milk (I may have to ration it).

There was no school today due to the ice and snow that fell last night. So daughter will not be going to school tomorrow. Which means she has 6 days off. Plenty of time to rest.

I had to cancel having friends over Friday night to keep me company as I don't want to infect anyone else.

I brought some new sleds last night hoping to use them this weekend, but as of right now, we have about 1/2 inch of snow and the rest is ice. Not enough to use the sleds.

Last night, husband and I went out to a nice quiet dinner. Alone. It was very relaxing. After that, we stopped and picked up some flowers. Just a mixture bouquet, which I prefer over just roses anyway. And that is all I wanted for Valentine's Day. I don't feel like we need a holiday for him to ell me he loves me. He does that all year long. He shows me he loves me with the little things. One day isn't going to change it.

Anyway stay warm, stay healthy and enjoy whatever treats you get.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh dear! I hope your house is healthy soon! Glad you were able to celebrate V Day anyway.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Ew, powdered donuts and strawberry milk. Hope all is well soon, and hope your house is not too pink from all the... well, you know.

creative-type dad said...

Hope everybody heals soon.

My house was sick a few weeks ago. We resorted to making animal sacrifices and showering with Holy water.

If you need more tips, let me know