Sunday, February 18, 2007

What I accomplished while Husband was away

Husband has been away in DC since Wednesday. He attended a gaming conference, where I am told he had alot of fun.

While he was gone, I managed to do a few things around the house.

1). Let daughter miss her first day of school. But she was sick and it was only 2.5 hours.

2). Have the dishes washed every night, although I have no one to prove it.

3). Fixed the toilet that has been broke for about 10 months. If I knew it was only a 5 minute Job and so easy, I would have done it back then instead of waiting for him.

4). Re framed a bunch of pictures which had been knocked down and had the glass broken. Also have them hung back up on the wall.

5). Rehung the mirror in Einey and Meenie's room that I have been waiting on Husband to hang. Almost as long as I was waiting on the toilet to be fixed.

6). Hung some pictures of the girls in our bedroom. Although they are about 3 years old. And there's none of Moe. But we have been working on painting and wallpapering the room for a looong time (who has time to paint and wallpaper?) so I can't blame this one on him.

7). Cleared the ice off the steps so I don't fall on my ass leaving the house. I couldn't find any ice melt (because, who carries it when you actually need it?). I accomplished this by pouring hot water on the steps and then shoveling the sludge away. Then I put a crap load of dirt down.

8). Washed and folded (and even put away) almost all of the laundry.

9). Moved some toys around. The kitchen set, which has been unused for months, was moved from Einey/Meenie's room to Moe's room. The dishes and food which was in the playroom also got moved upstairs to Moe's room. Then all three of them promptly played with it for hours.

And now I am letting the girls stay up late watching a movie. I want them to sleep in tomorrow morning!


Ryan Velting said...

Well then, look s like you had quite the busy day today! :)

Thank you so stopping by my site today, and for the very kinds words about my photography.

I have added you to my links page, and will be by regularly to read your wonderful corner of the blogosphere.

Have a great week!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

You are woman! Hear you roar! Good for you on getting all that accomplished! Now, I think you deserve a little rest.