Friday, February 23, 2007

100th Post and other Random bits

Okay, so technically this is my 102nd post, but have I told you before how I'm always late? Well there's no exception to that rule here!

I swear I have the cleanest toddler on the block. You can't even think about taking a shower without Moe climbing in before you. She is constantly obsessed with bathing. If she spills water on her self, she tells you "dirty, need bath". You mention bath and she's naked and in the shower before you make it up there. As a result, I have been bathing at night while she is asleep just to have privacy.

I posted a picture last night on my other blog but decided to throw up the challenge here.


So just what is on your computer desk? Mine is a bit messy at the moment, but normally, I try to keep it organized. Currently, I have games, the printer, the scanner, 2 digital cameras, books, toys, diaper rash powder, a watch, sippy cups, a phone, a brush, pictures, CD's, a Gameboy homework and dice. Plus tons of assorted papers. I really try to keep it clean, but sometimes, it just doesn't work! Anyway, post links to pictures and/or descriptions in my comment and I'll come check out your work area.

edit: The picture is different as with some of the pictures on my photo blog. For some reason, I lost half my pictures today and had to find some. They may not be the same version of the one's I had posted.

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