Monday, September 29, 2008

Uncle Meatball

Uncle Meatball is one of Husband's best friends. He's been a part of our life forever. He was in our wedding and one of the "foursome" . The foursome, consisting of Husband, Uncle Meatball, P and myself. Way back, before kids, the four of us spent many weekends together- watching movies, playing videogames, playing D&D to wee hours of the morn cruising the mall and just hanging out. Then about 7 years ago, two things happened. P. moved to Florida and two days later I gave birth (which btw, P was supposed to be my back up emergency ride to the hospital if Husband was working. He's lucky I didn't need him!). And thus, like I said things changed. Uncle Meatball sort of flittered out of our life for awhile, reappearing for a few visits and disappearing again. He reappeared around the time Moe was born and went to some book signings with us (trying to get me to let R.A. Salvatore sign my two week old Moe). Then he was gone again. Uncle Meatball started coming around again a few months ago and for the girls, it's like he's always been here. Always been apart of their lives.

Tonight, while Husband and I were fixing dinner, Uncle Meatball was playing with the girls. We heard them squeal and him chase them upstairs. * They were playing hide-and-seek. A few minutes later, Uncle Meatball joined us in the kitchen. All was quiet.

About five minutes later, he says "well, I guess I should go find those kids now". Hehe. This went on for awhile.

Husband thinks we need to hire Uncle Meatball next time we need a babysitter. I'm not so sure of that yet - thought of the girls eating junk food for supper and watching anime fill my mind. As Husband says, their could be worse.....

Thanks for coming back Uncle Meatball.

* I should also mention that Uncle Meatball is about 6 1/2 freaking feet tall. He's huge (which is exactly what Einey said the first time she saw him when she was three)!

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Jane - Mom Generations said...

It's always fun to have a crazy, silly Uncle Meatball-type in your life as a kid!! What fun!