Thursday, June 04, 2009

Future Home

My girls are very into religion. We don't talk about it much at home, but going to Catholic School really puts things into perspective for them.

My oldest (who made her First Communion last month) really likes to delve into the topic of religion. She already has her home in Heaven picked out (and has stated "I hope I don't go to H-E-double hockey sticks - no she won't say hell).

Apparently, her room is going to have a purple canopy bed, on clouds with a dolphin fountain in it. She's going to party everyday! Her next door neighbors (apparently in a block) are going to be (insert best friends and her siblings names here). Oh and we can live next to her as well. She's going to swim and dance and pick berries everyday. She can't wait to get to Heaven. (Although hopefully it's not for a long, long time, because even though she cant wait, I can). It's going to be beautiful and fun!

At first, when they started speaking of death, it freaked me out. Death was always something I'm afraid of. As a child, I would freak out over who would get my toys and it would cause me to lie awake many nights. It still freaks me out. But now instead of trivial things like toys, I worry about who will provide for my kids and how they will be.

But my kids? They love talking about death. They accept when pets die. They love nothing more then to frolic in the graveyard (although now, they mention "I can't believe there are dead people in here - not in a bad way, just matter of factly). And while I can't say it doesn't freak me out a bit, I can respect that they heave a healthy understanding of death and accept it.

All I can do is smile and nod (even though I'm cringing inside) when the topic comes up.

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