Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Say No

There comes a time in your life when you have to say "no". The topic came up today because Einey's getting older, she'll be a teenager before we know it. We want to make sure she can talk to us about anything and that she knows it's okay to say no.

Meenie was with us, she was the only one out of school at the time. And in her class, there has been alot of attempted lip-locking going on. Between girls and between one particular boy and any girl he can. The mom of the boy is aware of it and kind of laugh's it off "he's gonna be a handful". Meenie has mentioned that he's tried to kiss her before. We talked and we told her that she needs to say no. And if he doesn't listen, to punch him (husband also continued in the nose). Of course, we also told her that she'd probably get in trouble a bit at school, but that we'd rather she'd defend herself if she wasn't comfortable in a situation and we'd take care of it after.

Of course, this afternoon, Moe was making this insanely annoying noise and Meenie told her no twice then got up and punched her. "But mom, you said that if I said no and hey didn't stop, to punch them". Oy vey.


Suburb Sierra said...

LOL! I have a picture from Mothers Day lunch of my two kids with their hands in each others face - because when I asked them to sit nicely next to each other they couldn't seem to do it without a shoving match - so I snapped the picture. Might as well keep it real. And good job on teaching No. VERY important for our kids to know.

Clink said...

bahahaha that is hysterical!

Super Mega Dad said...

That is pretty bad. I've heard of some parents complaining about stuff like this to the school admins and the boy getting suspended for "sexual harrassment". I think the story I heard about was a Kindergarten kid.

Nothing like kids taking what you say a little TOO seriously.

I've learned to REALLY think before I say things. My kids really remember EVERY SINGLE word I say. It's horrible sometimes, especially if I promise to buy them a new toy or something.