Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Little Rhody

My Husband has officially quit Rhode Island. (we'll see how long that lasts).

Over the weekend, we took, what should have been a 15 - 20 minute trip away to search for letterboxes. Only, an hour + later and we never reached our destination. We headed out down Route 6 from our home. Easy as pie. Took a left onto Cucumber Hill Road and then it went downhill from there. We turned left onto Moosup Valley Road (as instructed) and was on the lookout for Rt. 14 to take to Waterman Road. Only Moosup Valley Road turned into Rt. 14 with no signs. From there, we were searching for 102. We ended up driving across Rt. 102 as it wasn't marked as 102 from our direction. We turned around and from the East we see a BIG sign - junction 14 and 102 (would have been nice driving from the West). Okay, back on track. Let's look for Flat River Road. Oh hey, see 117 there, that's Flat River Road, let's turn around again. Okay, getting close, we just need to find Philips Hill Road, it's right off Rt. 117. Drive down the road, nothing. Turn around and drive back. Nothing. Lots of little roads that are marked on the opposite sides of the roads with the tiniest road signs ever. And driveways with road signs on them. Yeah for the smallest state, there are plenty of signs. Just not where they should be. We finally, after driving back and forth, give up and head back to CT to letterbox. We looked at google again when we got home. Turns out they omitted that Philips Hill road doesn't go all the way to 117. About 1/10 of a mile is actually Hill Farm Road. Would have been nice to know that before we drove around for so long.

Sadly, that's not the first time we've come across that in Rhode Island. The roads are usually poorly marked (in spots, the signs are after the turn off). SO yeah, not a productive day.

Sadly, we didn't find and letterboxes we looked for that day. And to top it off, we walked right by where one should have been (the clue was in our backpack - it wasn't one we set out to find). Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Of the next day. Only not in Rhode Island.

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Stimey said...

You're making this letterboxing thing sound really fun. ;)