Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So many posts, so little time

So many posts are running through my head. But the weather has been wonderful, and I haven't wanted to waste it by sitting here writing.

I had a Memorial Day post all written in my head complete with pictures, but I'm having problems with synching my camera to my computer. yes, my brand new Canon. Which I love. I can take pictures, but no longer synch to the computer. Which puts a damper on things. And also offers a conundrum. do I send it out for repairs and end up taking pictures over the summer with my PandS? Or do I continue taking pictures and send it out later. I have no clue how long it will be in the shop, or even how much, but I guess I should look into sending it out. But the birthday parties over the summer, baseball games, the beaches, the hiking and our anniversary trip to Maine in October. See my problem? I can not live without my camera for very long :(

I wonder if Cannon offers loaners?

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Anonymous said...

does it use a memory card? I just take mine out of my Kodak and put it in the laptop to upload pics. I haven't seen the cable that came with my camera in a LONG time.