Monday, October 05, 2009

It's not cheating when there is ice cream involved....

We took the girls to a local corn maze on a sunny, autumn afternoon. We arrived, paid our fee and was given a map (to use if lost) and a list of blank spaces in which to answer questions relating to, of course, turkeys and Thanksgiving. Thinking we were pretty smart, we headed into the maze, map in pocket. Before long we, came to the first question. Okay, not to bad, we can do this. A little more wandering and question number two. Yup, got that. A bit more and question number five. WTF? How did we miss three and four? Pull out the map and figure out where we are and how we missed them (they're not listed on the maps, but we could see we skipped a big section of it). Start heading back. At this point, we encountered two lost souls on cell phones talking to other lost sols and trying to reconnect with their group. A little further back and we meet another family - they looking for five, and found three and four. We point one direction and they indicate to us to "follow the trail of corn ala Hansal and Gretal style on the ground". Heading back, we encounter the rest of the lost souls and indicate they follow the corn the opposite direction to find their friends.

We get those and head back. Throughout the maze - we kept bumping into 2-3 groups of the same people. At one point, we were two of us were standing at a question and someone whipped out an IPhone to look it up. Heh. We laugh and go on our separate ways. We kept bumping into the same groups - often someone asking if they found a specific sign. At one point you heard shouted over the corn - "x question is wrong, it's B". At one point, one of the girls asked, "isn't this cheating?". It's not cheating if you want the ice cream was the reply :)

So we made it through the maze and were taking pictures of the kids when one of the IPhone groupies came over and told us "X question" was wrong*. So we were able to change it and the kids got their free ice cream.

All in all, it was a great day - corn maze, free ice cream, hay rides and free face painting (which were AMAZING).

* We did figure out most of the questions on our own - we had our answers written down when the other group looked theirs up.
The girls were able to figure some of them out by remembering things they learned on our trip to Plymouth last spring.

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