Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Morning Queen Update

Now I am officially irked. I have spent the whole day washing, drying, folding, sorting, purging and putting away my children's clothes. With the exception of the clothes on their backs and what they wore yesterday, they are all accounted for and put away. Items still missing? FIVE long sleeve dress shirts for school. WTF!!!!

Note to Husband, I may wash, dry and fold, but your clothes are not going to put themselves away. Get to it.


The Girl Revolution said...

you keep a list of shirts? count them? unless its a fav. I probably don't even know if a kid's shirt goes missing.

Anonymous said...

wow dont you just love days like that and isnt it always what your looking for that you dont find you know they will be where you would never think of looking kids and spouses you gotta love them what would they do without their moms and wives

Whirlwind said...

Only because they are part of the uniform and only because I just brought them!