Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday we were joking around and the kids asked why we were being mean to each other. I came out with yeah, your dad is soooo mean, he even hit me earlier. No way the girls replied. Yeah he did, and he left a bruise. Oh, can we see they asked? I showed them the two inch round bruise that is purpling on my thigh. Ouch,they remarked. Then Husband was like you shouldn't have told them that, now they're going to go into school and tell someone that.

All joking aside, I said, you know daddy would never hit any of us, right? Yeah. So, where did I get that bruise then? Einey quickly replied, daddy hit you. Thankfully Meenie and Moe said, no, remember when the boxes of games fell off the shelf the other night and hit moms leg? That's when it happened, right. Yes it was.

Which leads us to our realization, Einey would sell us out for nothing. Add in an incentive and she'd totally bail!


Last night I was mashing potatoes, stirring gravy and rolling biscuits. I had an almost eight year old child in the kitchen complaining about how hungry she was. As I was doing the above mentioned items, the timer went off indicating the turkey should be finished cooking. She quickly announced that the turkey was done, as if I couldn't hear the timer. I told her it should be but I needed to check it and could she please go ask her father to come check the turkey for me. As she walked out the room, she shot back "why, don't you know how to use the oven mitts?"

I know she's going through another phase and it's normal for some back talk and wise cracks, but man oh man. It makes me wonder if I'll survive the teen years! What were we thinking?


Anonymous said...

So did hubby teach u how to use the oven mitts lol

Stimey said...

Sam has started busting out with those smart alec comments too. Trouble for both of us.