Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life's little irritations

Yesterday, my mom came over to visit the girls. She doesn't live far away, but hasn't always had a car to come visit with and our schedules have been so busy and her work schedule's been erratic. So our days aligned and she came to visit. I took her upstairs to show her progress on Eineys room and it was about then that it dawned on me. A full sized bed will not fit in the room. At least, not if we want her to keep her bureau/bookshelves. It would give her only 10 inches between her bed and bureau. Holy freaking shit. I already had all the bedding. Almost (thank god I didn't) ordered the mattress/box spring/bed frame. Grrrr! The reason we were going to go with the full sized bed was the crib converted to one and it would save us from buying a headboard and foot board.

But yeah, now we have too, although we did see a bed we liked recently and had commented that it would be great IF we didn't already have a bed for her. It's a bed (up high like a bunk bed) with a build in bureau/bookshelf/computer desk/ secret cubby area in one. So now I guess we have to see if she wants to sleep up higher again. And order a bed. Along with a mattress. And new bedding. I returned the one I had already purchased this morning. I'm not too worried about it as I know they still carry it online, but it's a pain anyway!


This morning, Husband and I ran some errands. Since he's been on the South Beach diet as well, he's finally been able to drink coffee again. Something he's ecstatic about. So he asked if we could pick up some K-cups he could bring to work.

We were at the little coffee shop in town browsing the K-cups.

Me: That sounds good.

Him: Get some if you want some.

Me: ???? ......................

Me: We don't have a Kuerig (it's on my list!) machine at home.

Him: Oh yeah. Well, um sorry your out of luck then.


And to continue on....

Today when I picked Einey up from pep squad (cheerleading) they handed up or scedule for times we are required to work the concessions area. I don't mind working, really, however...

They scheduled me on for a time in the middle of Einey's birthday party. So yeah, totally not happening. Nor will I ask family members (which is allowed) to miss her party to sit and collect tickets at the basketball game. Totally not happening.

For the record, I had already informed the coaches that she would not be at that game for the above reason.


Anonymous said...

whatever happened to putting up a sign up list and allowing families to schedule themselves?! I'm guessing you are having her party early this year?

Whirlwind said...

Parents don't sign up and you end up with one parent doing it all.

Yes, her party is on the 6th.