Monday, November 03, 2008

Superhero Photos: The Leaf Perspective

Yesterday, I headed outside with my camera in hand, ready to take this weeks challenge by the Shutter Sisters. This week's challenge was the leaf perspective. I walked around the yard, put my camera on macro mode, set it down in different spots and clicking the shutter. I didn't even look at what I captured until I got back in the house. While not all the pictures came out, these are the few I liked best.

This one is under my stairs. It's where the overflow from the solar system empties out. Either that, or we have a super big leak that we can't find. Either way, it's never flowed until this year. It attracted a lot of frogs to the yard this summer. We'd hear them plop! into the water as we'd reach the bottom of the stairs.

Just a shot in the yard. I think that's grass that's looping over the top.

Some lily-of-the-valley berries in the yard. They make a nice contrast to the browns and yellows.

I really enjoyed trying this technique out. I even found some pictures that were taken in the spring at soccer from this view, that I had forgotten about.


Mac and Cheese said...

These are great! Some are worth framing.

SciFi Dad said...

Those are some really nice images. I like the depth of field in the berry one.