Friday, November 07, 2008

Making a list, checking it twice...

Can you guess what my kids are doing?

A week ago, Husband and I had no clue what they wanted. They haven't asked for anything specific and seem pleased with the toys they do have.

But, ever since they found the toy books that have started arriving in multitude, they have been meticulously going though them, writing their initials next to much coveted items. Now they've started cutting them out to make sure we see exactly what they want. Einey has taken to writing her lists. And she's smart too, she thinks if she asks for a specific Wii game she wants for her dad, she'll get extra stuff. And while she wants Lego Indiana Jones, I can't see buying it for the Wii as we already have it for the DS. apparently Husband says it's different.

Their list, so far contain everything Barbie and the Diamond Castle related, various Wii games, a doll that uses the potty, a cupcake maker and a three hundred dollar triceratops (which is seriously cool and I actually joked with Husband when we first saw it that if we had a different house/bigger yard, i would buy it)! Also a pet turtle. Which is still under consideration. Do you know how long those suckers live? I still need to do more research on this one. If not, then the grow your own frog kit from tadpoles is a definite.

As for myself, I have actually found some items I would like for Christmas. Too bad they are all fairly expensive (so family, if your reading this, Target gift cards would be greatly appreciated!!!)


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toyfoto said...

mine's making her list and changing it twice ... three times ... I'm going to lose track by Christamas.

C Sierra said...

Hubby picked up Wii last night for the kiddies but it will be a combined birthday present since they share the same birthday (dec 9) but are two years apart. After that arrives, I suspect there will be a list of Wii games on their revised lists :) Congrats on a blog a day so far! Good job!

Clink said...

Talk about efficient!

You for the record should start cutting out pictures of 'facials' and 'massages' and leaving them for you hubby to find!

Stimey said...

I did this when I was a kid. I would go through the JCPenney toy catalog and circle everything that I wanted. I was very specific. And thorough.

Whirlwind said...

Toyfoto - Moe is like that. She's highly indecisive.

C Sierra - They will like the Wii. Hit Target tomorrow (before the sale ands) and pick up some of the buy two get one games.

Clink - I should, but I have other things I want too. Although a massage and facial sounds really good. The last massage (and first) I had was the one my sister got me the night before my wedding. I tried hinting at one a few years ago, but it feel on deaf ears!

Stimey - That's exactly what they are doing. And if we somehow miss it in the Target catalog, it's also circled in the WalMart, Sears and a few other catalogs.

Anonymous said...

my daughter is still committed to the pink Nintendo DS (it MUST be pink!), my son wants everything, including a cupcake maker, Koda, Elmo Live and Pixos

Whirlwind said...

Jennifer - when my daughter saved her money last year - she would only buy the pink DS as well.

What exactly are the pixos (they want those)? And what's up with the cupcake maker - they want that as well too.