Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dusting off the ol' blog

It's been awhile, a week since my last post, which really, didn't even count as a post. It was more of a twitter message. So yeah, it's been a whole freaking moth since I posted.

No real reason why I haven't posted, just little things. My computer contracted a virus, so we had the hard drive wiped and after a weekend of no computer in which I was having withdrawals which was very nice, I've just had no desire. That and really, I haven't had much to write about.

I've felt better than I have in a long time recently. I'm sure that it has nothing to do with giving up coffee for Lent, because what sane person does that??? But I've also learned to relax a little bit more. That there are just some things beyond my control and that it's pointless to worry about what may or may not happen in the future (no matter how frustrating it is!). So in the near future my kids school may merge with another school at their campus (but no matter what, they're school will be open and I sent in the reg. form already), Husband (dude still needs a good name - but no worries, it will come) may or may not be going to upgrade school (because yeah, still waiting to hear on that one :( which is basically why he took the whole month of April as vacation) and I will most likely be looking for a job in the next 6 months (wow September is that close?). Again things that should and would, normally stress me right the fuck out are "meh." The job thing for Husband is the biggest annoyance. Me finding a job isn't to bad - I know that times are rough to be looking, but at least, if I cannot find anything, I still have my sub. position. Which you know, with Moe being in school, I could work more than 4x a year.

School is going well for the kids, we get report cards in a week. Cheer leading is finished and we have a month long break until soccer starts. However, every single scout event seems to fill that void. We has Scouts on Stage last week, cookie booths this weekend (speaking of cookies, I'll be glad when they're gone :P ), comfy cozy day, meetings, a roller skating trip, a teddy bear picnic and zoo trip. All withing the next 5 weeks (whew!). Husband and I have also spent the last few Friday nights at the fish fry booth and will do so for the next few weeks as well.

Moe's speech seems to be improving, despite not having many classes (every. single. snow day has been on a day she gets her speech therapy).

Spring is coming and we cannot wait. We've been teased with a few nice days here and there. There are buds on the trees, plants peeking through the ground and robin's on the sides of the road. And well this winter hasn't been too bad (not too many sicknesses, lots of snow (but fun) and no winter doldrums!), we cannot wait for spring.

Oh and I am in dire need of a haircut. Need to put that on my list!

A friend asked me yesterday if I could give up one thing that I do, what would it be?

A good question because I tend to be wicked involved in my kids activities. I would think though, that soccer would be he first thing I'd let go of. Sure, they'd still play and I would probably still coach, but I'd want off the board. It's just not for me. Then I would think scouts. I like it, but do not know if I'll move up to Brownies or turn them over to another leader. We'll see in a year! I love being involved with school, but haven't been to a HSA or Development meeting since October. And I haven't been into the classrooms really since December. No reason why I haven't, I just haven't seem to have found time. It seems like something always needs to be done, but at the same time doesn't get done! (I could blame Facebook as being a major time suck, but really that's not it).

All in all, that's it. See, I told you nothing exciting going on. See ya in a month soon


Super Mega Dad said...

The question of "what would you give up" was given to my wife as well. She started to tick off some of our kids stuff and some of my stuff that she could do without quite easily. Her actual response started off with "Oh, I could get rid of a TON of stuff...". I had to gently remind her that the question ACTUALLY meant "what would you give up that YOU do/use". She couldn't come up with anything. ;)

Anonymous said...

heeheehee Super Mega Dad ...That is typical

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad cookies are done. It was not a fun year. Bri asked me yesterday if I would be cookie mom again and I told her yes, because no one else wants the job.