Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer vacation by the numbers (so far)

We've been busy lately, so here's a quick by the numbers post.

4- # of bottle of antibiotics (3x a day for 3 weeks) to treat Lyme Disease
15 - # of hours spent at soccer camp for 1 child
15 - # of hours Einey complained she was bored (while Meenie was at soccer camp)
1 - skinned knee from falling off a scooter
2 - # of blueberries on our bush this year
1 - gallon of raspberries picked from the yard
5- # of times a day the girls have been changing clothes - 1 in the am, 1 into a bathing suit, 1 in pm clothes, 1 into bed clothes and then occasionally once for other reason still unknown to me
40 - # of hours Husband works a week (no this is actually a good thing - way down from normal)
3 - # of birthday parties attended
18 - # of miles hiked
8 - # of letterboxes planted
320 - # of slug counted on one outing
51 - # of letterboxes found
17 - # of stamps carved waiting to be planted
7 - # of days gone by where a child hasn't picked up a DS OR Wii remote
4 - # of times a week we go swimming
6 - Time I've been getting up in the morning. With Husband going into work later, I've been unable to fall back asleep
2 - # of kids also usually up at 6
7 - times my basement has flooded due to rain (and I wouldn't be surprised if it does again today)
623,520 - # of bug bites we are all sporting, damn mosquitoes
10 - # of times we've watched the Neverending Story
2 - # of times we've watched the Secret Garden
2- # of times we went to a movie this summer
5 - minutes spent out of the water in a time out for wrestling (administered by the lifeguards)
120 - # of times Meenie can hula hoop

That about sums up our summer so far. Nice and relaxing for the most part.


Suburb Sierra said...

Damn girl, you know how to squeeze some stuff in over the summer, huh? :)

Stimey said...

It sounds like a really good summer. Except for the bug bites and the 15 hours of whining.

And the slugs. I may have to rethink this letterboxing thing.