Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nine Weeks until Christmas

I can hardly believe it is the end of October already. This year has passed so quickly. Last thing I knew, it was June and we were having a blast. Between all the things that happened since summer and now, I feel like I lost so much time! The weather lately has been uncharacteristically warm. It's the end of October and we are still wearing tee shirts. We need jackets in the morning, but by midday, it's warm enough to go without. It really doesn't feel like winter is coming.

Already, I am thinking ahead until Christmas. I've already started thinking about what I am going to do with my Christmas cards this year. It's one simple thing that I can take care of early and have out of the way well before the hectic holiday schedule hits us. Often I ask myself - are we going to take a picture of all the girls together or do separate photo's? Props or no props? Funny or serious (the Big Kid wants to stage a picture of himself dressed as a zombie with the girls making mock horror faces)? Do we include the dogs or not? Outside or inside? Folded or flat? As you can see, it's no easy task picking out our cards.

We choose to use Shutterfly for our Christmas cards as they have so many creative backgrounds to choose from. We have always been happy with the service we have received and how fast our products have shipped. Shutterfly has so many unique card designs so there really is something for everyone!

One of my favorite's this year is this card. I love the simplicity of the initial wreath and the short message. The simplicity of this card really makes it stand out. This year we are trying to go a little easy with Christmas. We want to step back, give thanks and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Spending time with family and friends, trying not to stress out over what "should" be done and to really enjoy the whole season is what we strive for.

Last year - we used this design. It allowed us to be a little creative and get some good shots of the girls. It took us awhile to get the right pictures. Normally we take a group shot, but we weren't happy with the way any turned out - something was always off. Then we went to take pictures and the battery on the camera was dead. A third attempt led to issues with the background. Finally, we came up with this card as our finished product and were thrilled with the way the finished product looked.

While we were in Maine last weekend, I took a cute picture of the girls in front of the Nubble Lighthouse. While the girls are not up front and center, it's a cute picture anyway. I've been thinking of using that picture on a card with a nice red border. Putting my picture into this card, I came up with this design.

Since it's still early, I'm not entirely sure what design I will use. What I do know is that when I get "the perfect" picture, I will find the design that fits it perfectly. Once I find that design, I know that the service I receive will be quick and that my cards will arrive just the way I want them.

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Maureen B said...

I like the "Joyful Ornaments" one because there is a space for each of my kids!

Anonymous said...

Belive in the Spirit- classic and simple. Just a flat 5x7 card.

Jen Thompson said...

I'm the cool one that screwed up the post- I am amonymous. Only me

Heather Phillips said...

I like the moments all around. It gives you room for lots of pictures. I know I like to save the photo cards you do.

Anonymous said...

I like "Oh Holy Night" so simple but beautiful Annette