Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years Eve Kids Bash.

I forgot to mention the cool shirts. The back includes the names of all the kids there. Just another notch on the tree for Husband's conviction that I am turning into Martha Stewart.

5 Families. 10 Kids. 10 Adults. Lots of food. Activities. And most of all fun!

Go girls!

That's the best way to describe the New Years Eve kids bash we attended at a friends house. We arrived around 6:30 where the kids sat down to color for a coloring contest. After that, it was time to decorate for the boys vs. girls snowball fight. The snowball fight consisted of lobbing socks at the other team. Sadly, the boys took the cake on that contest.

Einey wanted to join the boys side (go figure!)

Amazingly, Einey and Meenie made it through all of the festivities (cake, karaoke, hat decorating, a story and the time capsule) to ring in the new year. They were very excited. At midnight, after the ball dropped and everyone drank their glass of champagne, the kids headed out onto the deck for some sparklers.

Moe didn't make it to midnight. She was one of four kids who missed it (they were all under three. One of them made it up until 11:55)

We left our friends house around 12:30 with Moe, after bringing Einey and Meenie upstairs where they were sleeping over. This was a HUGE deal, not only was it their first sleep over at a non-family member's house (because MMRK, you guys are family :P and we all slept there) but they were spending the night with their friends. Five of them were all tucked into their sleeping bags when we left.

The next morning, we went back over to have our first breakfast of the new year with those same friends we celebrated with the night before (sans one family). The kids had some worksheets which they filled out.= with wishes for a new year. With a full array of foods and mimosa's it was a great way to start the new year.

I hope this is the start of a wonderful tradition of ringing in the new year!

Cheers! Happy New Year!

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