Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Birthdays...

We celebrated Einey's birthday with her friends this past weekend. To celebrate, we went roller skating at a local skating rink. It's a place that barely changed in the 10 plus years since Husband and I have last been there. And yet, the children had a blast. They didn't care that half the arcade games didn't work or that they could barely stand in the skate. They were trying their hardest and having fun.

Even after numerous times falling down and getting back up, they were all full of smiles. They did the hokey pokey on skates and played the four corners game. It wasn't private, so there were other families there but no one cared.
Of course I have to show of her super cool cake! That's the Pokemon, Manaphy, on roller skates.

Except, it was the first time we had a kids party and Husband didn't enjoy himself. I don't know if it was because he spent most of the time chasing Moe, despite the fact that we had two capable adults invited for the sole purpose of watching her. But he just kind of sulked. He admitted to me later, that it was just a step up from Chuck E. Cheese in his eyes (which to him, is the bottom of the barrel). He also admitted that it brought back memories of being wicked sore after skating. I don't remember this, but apparently he spent alot of time falling while skating in his youth.

Meenie takes after her dad, spending time on her tush. She preferred the carpet to the actual rink.

In the mean time, daughter gushed on and on about how it was her best party evah. And how she wants all her parties there from now on. And how she really wants to go back. So it looks like if we do any playdates, I'll be the one bringing her.

At least Einey had fun, that's all that matters!

Best. Party. Evah!


Alex Elliot said...

Happy Birthday Einey! I have find my older son's kids parties to be stressful. He loves them though.

slouching mom said...

My sons would have adored that Pokemon cake.

I'm glad she had fun, even if your husband didn't!

Mac and Cheese said...

Oh how I loved the local roller-rink when I was growing up. I was so sad when they closed it down.