Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Getting a Puppy!!!!

For real this time. I am so confident and sure this time that I spilled the beans and told the girls. We went shopping today and picked out a little bed, some toys and her own food dishes. We'll pick up her food soon when we go to the co-op across town.

Saturday morning, December 26th, I answered the phone. It was my sister calling from down south. She and her husband were out and found two small puppies abandoned in a bathroom trashcan. She bundled them up and took them home to warm up. She called and sent pictures. And we're taking one (she's keeping the other). Now we wait until next week when she drives up for a visit.

To everyone who expressed their condolences last time when we thought for sure we had a puppy, those who said "there is a puppy out there for you". Thank you. This was just another thing that proves that everything happens for a reason. Because that puppy, was not meant to be ours. But this puppy, this puppy that someone heartlessly left in a cold bathroom trashcan... This puppy needs our love. Needs us to give it a loving home. And loving home it shall receive.

Now onto the hard part, picking out a name.

Thank you Auntie for thinking of us and for being in the right place at the right time. The girls have lots of love and are looking forward to meeting their new friend.


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Stimey said...

Is that the photo of YOUR puppy? Because OMG, so cute. Congratulations!!!

Whirlwind said...

Yes. We CAN'T wait to meet her - only 2 more days - Monday afternoon. Can you believe someone would throw something as cute as her in the trash?????