Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bye-bye hair

It occurred to me that not only have I been neglecting this here space, but many, many things have happened recently, so I will try to catch up on some of the important highlights.

Unlike in the past, where Moe would routinely chop of her hair, she actually let it grow. And grow. And grow.

And on May 22nd, Moe and Meenie each cut off 12 inches of hair which they donated to Wigs for Kids.


I'm so proud of them for their decision and for sticking to it. Because let me tell you, each morning, it was a bear to comb all that hair! Their new shorter do's are much easier to take care of and will much cooler this summer!

1 comment:

Stimey said...

Wow! Look at all that beautiful hair. They are such good kids for donating it! And they look adorable with their short cuts!